Mango Explosion!

Ebenezer celebrates its third-place win.

The recent Adventist Church Health and Wellness Expo, was a true community effort, bringing together a mix of government, private sector, and church participants in a collaborative drive to inform and raise awareness. 
The expo took place at the Lions Centre on Sunday, June 10, 2018.

The fair was declared open by Executive Secretary for the Conference, Pastor Reinaldo Dracket, and the master of ceremonies for the Expo was Ms. Jewel Meikle, deputy principal of Cayman Academy. Ms. Meikle also served the role of roving reporter, moving from exhibit to exhibit, interviewing and otherwise calling attention to the displays.

“The displays here today are simply amazing! It is obvious that exhibitors have put their heart and soul into making this a very memorable event.”
– Pastor Caple Thompson, Director for the Community Services Department

Booths were judged by a panel of five judges—Mrs. Jennifer Thompson, who is a school nurse; Ms. Tamara Whorms-Riley, the community dietician at the HSA; Ms. Hilreth Morgan, science teacher at Cayman Academy and a caterer in her own right; Ms. Tanique Dunbar, senior lecturer at UCCI’s School of Hospitality Studies; and Mrs. Annie K. Price, HSA Public Health Nurse responsible for child health, adult, and travel health clinics. Mrs. Price is also the director for Health Ministries for the Atlantic Caribbean Union of Seventh-day Adventists (ATCU).

At the third-place winner Ebenezer’s “Mango Explosion” stall.

Savannah Church’s “Gone Bananas” exhibition won first place, with second place going to East End’s “Pineapple Delight”, and third place to Ebenezer’s “Mango Explosion.”

Fanning the flames for the traditional roast breadfruit, at the George Town church’s bountifully laden breadfruit and strawberry products stall.
The Health Ministries Department (HMD) also endorsed natural approaches to dealing with stress and illnesses. Here an HMD massage therapist is at work.

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