"We take care of the body of Christ"

The role of the deacons and deaconesses play an important part in the smooth functioning of the services of the church. The deaconate is tasked with responsibilities ranging from caring for the sanctuary, to the welfare of the less fortunate.

We ensure that  church building is opened for worship. We serve on the platform, collect tithes, gifts and offerings, and even assist with welcoming visitors and members, and ushering.

We participate in visitation along with the Elders and Pastor. The deacon’s role is a spiritual role and visiting the sick, the elderly and infirm ensures fulfilment of this role.
The baptismal service is very special to both the candidate and the the church as a whole. We take a lead in ensuring that the venue and other aspects are ready for this important service.

Deacons and deaconesses provide all required items for the ordinances. We serve the congregation, and ensure that utensils and linen are properly washed and stored after the Lord’s Supper.

Importantly, we assist the sick, poor, and unfortunate. We keep in contact with this group of individuals, and solicit help and support of members on their behalf.
We are responsible for the care and maintenance of the place of worship, its furniture and equipment. We ensure that the things relating to the service of God are in good order.


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